-let us teach you how 

Join us for a LIVE! tutorial session all about www.BridgeBase.com!  (aka BBO)

The easiest and fastest way to learn how is with a present and dedicated teacher. 

Save yourself a seat in the best classroom on all things BBO.  If you have a question?  Email us! 

Club Managers/Directors


Are you venturing into online bridge?  Do you need learn how to create tournaments, convert to a Howell movement for smaller games, or direct your games?

Join BBO Director, Silvana Zangri for a LIVE! interactive session, while she directs.  She will introduce you to the TD Desk, show you the ropes, teach you the tools and answer all of your questions.  Great hacks, tricks and critical 911 issues and how to address them, will be included.


Did you know you can use BBO to create outstanding online lessons for players, either in groups or for individuals?  There is so much available to you that isn't even explained or found easily.  


Join Silvana Morici for a LIVE! interactive tutorial on all different types of teaching elements you can use to make your lessons effective, keep your students engaged, insure they are getting the best in learning and having fun, while Let me make you into an online teaching superstar! 

Bridge Players

Did you know you can play bridge online with friends, your local bridge club partners, bridge players around the world and that beginners can practice playing bridge, too?


Join Silvana Morici for a LIVE! interactive tutorial on all things BBO.  How to register, how to find and make friends, how to create a table to play with them, how to find AND participate in duplicate games that award ACBL Masterpoints, how to bid, alert, play the cards, find your results, and create a convention card.  It is an invaluable lesson!

Look at what others have said about my LIVE! tutorials!



Thank you for an excellent Tutorial yesterday. It was very informative & I feel more comfortable navigating BBO after taking your class.  Thanks so much. 


Cathy T.

Hello, Silvana!

Today's tutorial was very helpful!  Thank you so much for your insight.  You were so patient, articulate, clear, and informative.  I really appreciate your efforts to help us all transition into this virtual world of bridge.


With gratitude , I wish you continued success.  Stay healthy! Mary-Jill C.



I watched your taped tutorials and thought that this interactive session was some much better for me.  

I learned so much about directing on BBO and appreciate all of your "tricks". Thank you for emailing me the content document, too.  Invaluable!   

Thank you, Sharon J.



Your tutorials was so informative and helpful and I really appreciated the free second session.  I learned even more the second time.  


Thank you for taking all of my questions, too. 


David P.


As a bridge teacher, I cannot thank you enough for these lessons.  Wow!

I am so excited to get online and get my students and players engaged!

Btw, I have taken every tutorial you have offered and can't wait to see what else you will be doing. 

Will you be selling your teaching hand .LIN files? That would be a great resource for teachers everywhere. Just a thought.

Julie C.

Just want to thank you and Silvana in particular for the help videos and time you spent helping all of us in the Bridge community get our virtual club games up and running, as a smaller club, it's always a challenge reinventing the wheel over and over again! So thank you again, and we would love to show our appreciation for all your time spent on this endeavor, come see us if you are in Denver, we will put out the welcome mat!


;-)  Ellis

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