CONGRATULATIONS! to the winners of the SAGAMORE CUP 2014


Carol Pratt (Flight "A")

Safwat Mosad (Flight "B")

William Dinner (Flight "B")


Thank you to all who participated!



The following bridge articles are geared assist any level of bridge player and are published by the ACBL. They are listed by the most recent article at the top of the list.

126 Hero or Zero PDF span>

125 Managing the Entries PDF

124 A "Free" Finesse PDF

123 First Things First PDF

122 Improving the Odds PDF

121 Mr. and Mrs. Smith PDF

120 Double End Play PDF

119 The Only Chance PDF

118 An Extra Chance PDF

117 Pretty Soon, it Adds Up PDF

116 The Art of Concealment PDF

115 Which Finesse? PDF

114 A Blocking Play PDF

113 Triple Play PDF

112 A Second Chance PDF

111 Anti-Discovery Play PDF

110 Odds on Favorite PDF

109 Right through the Pack PDF

108 Trust Your Opponents PDF

107 What's Your Plan B? PDF

106 A Good Attitude PDF

105 The Vanishing Trump Trick PDF

104 No Math Required PDF

103 Partnership Defense PDF

102 A Revealing Auction PDF

101 When All Else Fails PDF

100 Maximum Damage PDF

099 Might Be An Expert PDF

098 One Winner Too Many PDF

097 Double Deception PDF

096 A Hopeless Contract PDF

095 Role Reversal PDF

094 Dodging An Uppercut PDF

093 A Sure Thing PDF

092 A Train to Catch PDF

091 A Hand with Extras PDF

090 Risk and Reward PDF

089 Conjuring Trick PDF

088 Protecting Partner's Entry PDF

087 Bluff & Double-Bluff PDF

086 The Key Card PDF

085 Don't Be Fooled! PDF

084 A Show-Off Squeeze PDF

083 An Essential Precaution PDF

082 A Matter of Timing PDF

081 Ruffs in the Long Hand PDF

080 Nerves of Steel PDF

079 The Only Chance PDF

078 The Griffins Club PDF

077 A Sitting Duck PDF

076 Duplicate Decision PDF

075 Different Contract, Same Play PDF

074 Reading the Lead PDF

073 A Two-Edged Sword PDF

072 A Sporting Double PDF

071 Declare or Defend? PDF

070 Squeezed In Three Suits PDF

069 An “Oops!” Moment PDF

068 A Strange Lead PDF

067 A Free Shot PDF

066 A Failure to Communicate PDF

065 Nice Try PDF

064 Playing The Percentages PDF

063 Third Time Lucky PDF

062 Mea Culpa PDF

061 A Thoughtful Lead PDF

060 A Joy To Behold PDF

059 Duck a La Glynda PDF

058 A Self-Inflicted Wound PDF

057 Forcing Game PDF

056 Finesse Fatale PDF

055 Sinking Feeling PDF

054 Road Map PDF

053 Timing Is Everything PDF

052 Payback Time PDF

051 Side Suits First PDF

050 Right Siding The Contract PDF

049 Managing Entries PDF

048 Customery Retort PDF

047 A Smooth Duck PDF

046 Nice Try Partner PDF

045 Find The Lady PDF

044 Cherchez La Femme PDF

043 Thrust And Parry PDF

042 The StripTease Coup PDF

041 The Devil's Coup PDF

040 The Scissors Coup PDF

039 The Merrimac Coup PDF

038 The Anti-Bath Coup PDF

037 The Trump Coup PDF

036 Morton's Fork PDF

035 The Crocodile Coup PDF

034 A Dummy Reversal PDF

033 Third Hand Trickery PDF

032 Second Hand High PDF

031 The Safe Hand PDF

030 Count Signals PDF

029 Take Four PDF

028 We've Got You Surrounded PDF

027 Three Degrees of Bacon PDF

026 Introducing Dr. Goodlead PDF

025 Fishing For Clues PDF

024 A Hold-Up Play PDF

023 An Afternoon Nap PDF

022 Counting The Hand PDF

021 Voyage Of Discovery PDF

020 Power Of Deduction PDF

019 Stuff Doesnt Happen PDF

018 Smarter Than Second Grader PDF

017 Trump Demotion PDF

016 Don't Over Ruff PDF

015 Choice of Promotions PDF

014 Couple of Upper-Cuts PDF

013 No Safe Exit PDF

012 One Finesse Too Many PDF

011 Finesse Easy PDF

010 Practice Fines PDF

009 Double Order PDF

008 Little White Lie PDF

007 Old Ruse PDF

006 Delightful PDF

005 Counting Points PDF

004 Alarm Clock PDF

003 The Power of Tens PDF

002 Too Easy PDF

001 Sherlock PDF