Beginner Bridge Lessons

Bridge is by far the most entertaining, gripping and intelligent card game of all!

Under the guise of having fun you will be making new friends, socializing more, challenging yourself to try something new, exercising your brain, tuning up your memory, stimulating your immunity and adding a great element that can provide enjoyment for the rest of your life.  

Are you ready to learn how to play bridge?

Novice Beginner Bidding Courses 1, 2 and 3

Our Beginner Bidding Course is divided into 3 parts, that are 4 weeks each.  All classes include supervised playing practice, supportive notes & are taught by an ACBL Accredited Instructor.

DID YOU KNOW?  We GAURANTEE You will learn bridge with us!  Pay for any Beginner Course ONCE, and re-take it over and over again, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, until you feel confident that you have a full understanding of how to bid & play.

Beginner 1- INTRO to Bridge and Distributional Hands (4 weeks)

Learn when and how to open the bidding and respond to your partner.  In this course, we will review the goals of bidding, how to score, and play lots of hands to support all new material.  

Course Fee: $200

Beginner 2- Overcalling, Balanced Hands & Responses (4 weeks)

We will review how to intervene and overcall in the bidding auction, how to handle balanced hands and when and how to bid NoTrump, and introduce widely used conventions like Stayman & Jacoby Transfers.  

Course Fee: $200

Beginner 3- Weak & Strong Hands, Basic Playing and Defensive Strategy (4 Weeks)

We will examine what to do with extremely weak hands, when to preempt, and how to respond to our partner's preemptive bids. We will then explore strong hands, how to bid to the Slam levels using conventions like Blackwood and review how to respond to our partners under such situations. To cap off our course, we will share the secrets to becoming a great player with some basic playing strategy and structure, destructive lead guidelines and defensive signaling.

Course Fee: $200

Beginner 1,2 & 3-  Complete Beginner Course, Bundled for 10% savings! 

We suggest taking the entire course in consecutive order, but understand that life sometimes interferes with your availability, therefore, we suggest you sign up for the entire course to save money and take Beginner 1 first, then you can take

Beginner 2 & 3 when you can, even out of order!  We loop our full course about 3-4 times a year for your convenience.  

Course Fee: $540 (Regularly $600)

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