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Intermediate Bridge 

...grow your game

Bridge Clinics 

Adv. Beginner/Intermediate Workshop 

taught by Lee Launer

(best for players with 1-2 years playing practice or at least with 20+ Masterpoints)

Next Course:

Part 1- NO TRUMP Fall TBA 


Let Lee teach you how to:

  • Read the clues properly

  • Use deductive reasoning and statistics to make critical decisions

  • use proper timing in playing suits

  • pull trump when you need to and to avoid it when you need to

  • tackle common obstacles that come along and disrupt your plan

  • think and play like a pro


With this course you will be well on your way to taking more tricks, making your contract every time and maximizing your score every time you are the declarer.

Course includes supportive hands and comprehensive notes

$50 for each workshop or

$100 for both 2-week workshops 

Bridge Basics Recap

Adv. Beginner/Intermediate Workshop

(best for players with 1-2 years playing practice or at least with 20+ Masterpoints)

Next course:  Late Summer TBA 

Do you have gaps in your learning?


Most beginners "surface learn" when they start to learn bridge.  It is quite common because there is too must to ingest at first, so they take in the initial information and often block out secondary steps and information.  


If you have noticed that you have some gaps in your original learning, consider a recap of the basics, instead of retaking a beginners class!  


Let sweep through everything again.  We will clean up your game, fill in the blanks and reiterate what you are already supposed to know, but possibly, have forgotten, or didn't commit to memory.  

It always amazes us how many times we hear players say, "I didn't know that", or "I think I learned that, but I don't remember".

All players should take this class at least ONCE.  You have nothing to lose and too much to gain!

$40 for workshop

Smarter Slams!

Adv. Beginner/Intermediate Workshop

(best for players with 2+ years playing practice or at least with 100+ Masterpoints)

Next course:  

TBD 2020

This course focuses on getting to slam in a safer way, both for the minor suits as well as the major suits, how to deal with voids, ask for the queen of trump, show the queen of trump, show a void properly, and how to bid a grand slam force.


This class will first be a review of popular slam-seeking conventions like Roman Keycard Blackwood (0314 or 1430) and then venture into the many layers that cover the extraneous obstacles that often come up.  

Quiz yourself to see if you need to take this class.  


Do you know how to...

  • show a void in bidding a slam?

  • cue-bid to the slam levels?

  • ask for the queen of trump?

  • bid a grand slam forcing bid?

  • do you understand why playing 0314 or 1430 is advantageous?

  • do you know how to apply the answers you get from partner in order to place the correct contract?

$120 for 4-week workshop or

$35 per weekly class 

You don't need a partner to sign up!

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