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Advanced Bidding System

Learn the Weak 1NT Opening 

You don't need a partner to join us!

Why should you play a Weak 1NT (12-14pt) opening?

  • It occurs much more frequently than the strong notrump, which allows you to get into the auction more often. 

  • It is competitive!  If you want to compete with the cowboys, you will need some better ammunition. 

  • It is preemptive. It forces the opponents to the enter the bidding at the 2-level which, often, keeps them out.

  • The Weak 1NT bid immediately conveys that your hand is balanced and partner can best place the contract.

Ready to learn the Weak 1NT Opening system?


This course is given in two (2) consecutive classes.

At each session, you will be introduced to the Weak 1NT opening and responses, what to do with interference, and how to defend against other players who play the same system.  You will practice with pre-dealt hands that present bidding opportunities to practice Weak 1NT openings, both from the openers perspective and the defending positions.  

A full set of notes for review will be included.

Prerequisite of 2-year of active playing is required; no partner needed.

Upcoming Class:

Summer 2018 - TBD

NOTE: This course is given only ONCE a year.  Don't miss it!

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