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Private Group Lessons

(4 to 8 players)

Pro Coach as a Partner


Private Lessons 

  • Do you have a group of friends who want to learn bridge?

  • Does your office want to do some team building and build moral in a fun and social way?

  • Do you and your friends already play bridge, but want some private mentoring to help you improve?


Consider private lessons with us!


We customize a day and time that works for your group, here at our bridge club, at your home, in your school, or at your office. ($50 traveling expenses will apply)

Fee: $150 for the 1st hour, $75 for the 2nd consecutive hour

The fastest way to learn & improve is with a coach!

One of the best ways to improve you bridge is to work one-on-one with a professional as your bridge partner.


Your private playing lesson would take place during one of our regular game times and your Bridge Pro would be your partner throughout the game.  Watching your bidding, your playing and defensive strategies, and then hosting a private postpartum review of your game afterwards.  Coaching you on how to take more tricks, make less mistakes, defend like a warrior and bid like a champion. 


This is the most constructive way to sharpen your bidding and playing and and the fastest way to improving your game.  


We can also work with you and your partner, watching you both play in a game, and reviewing and discussing the game afterwards.

Sagamore Pro Fees:

-$125 for one session in a club game or $500 for 5 pre-booked sessions (must be scheduled within 8 weeks)

-$200 for one session in a local tournament.

Play-It-Forward Pro Fees:

-$125-175 for one session in a club game  

-$200-1000 for one session in a tournament.

All Fees can be negotiated directly with each Pro. 

Play-it-forward Team members do not pay a commission to our club.

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