Why pay more to play in our ONLINE CLUB games vs. other ACBL BBO Games?


Our online Club games are actually less expensive and offer more value for your dollar.


Let us break it down this way..

You would need to play in 12-13 ACBL Speedballs at $1.25 each ($15-16) vs.

ONE CLUB GAME ($5-10 depending on how many boards you play), to earn the same amount of points.  

Our daily online games will award

100% Black Masterpoints at club ratings

This means you can win up to 4.0 Masterpoints (depending on the game & number of players) and you will get to keep 100% of what you earn towards your next ranking with the ACBL.  Even in a small table game, you could win .68 and keep all of It.  For some games, this award will be doubled, too.  We will let you know when that happens.

Other BBO games award 30% colorless points

The most you can win in these games is .90 Masterpoints and only 30% go towards

next ranking with the ACBL.  Even if you placed first, you  would only accumulate .30 MP's.  As you can see, it is not the same as playing at a club rating.

Also, if you play in the other games, clubs around the country and our club, do not get support.  

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