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Come play by us!


Just Bridge the way you like it!

Everyday, 11:00am to 2:00pm, feel free to bring your foursome to play at our tables. Enjoy the privacy of your group, the comfort of our Long Island facility and the availability of our equipment.  Enjoy our hot buffet lunch, deli station and salad bar, too!  We want you to know that we welcome ALL levels and types of bridge players! 

You will NOT be rotated into our duplicate game, you will NOT be compared with other players, you will NOT be subject to a time clock, you will NOT be judged, etc. 


As a matter of fact, we won’t even disturb you


Oh! more thing...if your group is just learning, feel free to ask our director if you need help with bidding or have questions; we are here to support you.

Card fee is $10 (includes lunch and refreshments)

At these rates, it doesn't pay to go anywhere else

Check out this article about us!

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