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North American Pairs- 

Play and Win your way up to the Nationals!

A highly prestigious “grass roots” event, the North American Pairs is played in

two (2) flights- Flight A (>2501) and Flight B (0-2500).  


The event starts at the club level in June, July and August, where players who rank in the top 50% of their section, qualify to move on to the District-level event, and then to the National-level event. A player may qualify as often as desired and with as many different partners as desired.


Top ranking finalists at the district-level event will qualify to enter the National-level event and the 1st and 2nd place winner will be given a monetary stipend of $700/$300 (respectfully) to help subside the costs of attending the Nationals. 

One (1) session events

Masterpoint awards:  Red/Black

Card Fee:  Regular Card Fee + $2

Dates for June-August 2019 are posted on our home page 

Club-level Qualifier Games 

District-level Qualifier Game 

One (1) session events

Masterpoint awards:  Red/Black

Card Fee:  Determined by the District

The District-level qualifier game will be held at the Sagamore Bridge Club sometime in October. (date to be determined-usually held on Sundays)

At the district final, top ranking finalists will be awarded an entry to the National-level event (1st and 2nd place winner will be given a stipend of $700/$300 (respectfully) when they arrive to participate at the Nationals. 

You cannot register in advance for the district-level event.  If you have qualified to participate, arrive 30-minutes before the first session (this is a two-session event) to purchase your entry.

Check back here for the date and times soon.

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