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Sagamore has a Private Online Club  

a dedicated place for all of us, at a virtual table

We are all in a unique situation due to COVID-19. Currently, playing at the club isn’t possible. We have worked tirelessly to provide you with some bridge relief and through our partnership with Bridge Base Online (BBO), the ACBL and the Commongame, we have our own private club online!  We will have daily games and opportunities for you to meet, partner and play bridge with your friends, from home.

You can play on your computer, tablet or smartphone with us.


Our daily online games will award

100% ACBL Black Masterpoints at club ratings

(Click here to understand the difference between these games vs. other BBO games)


Join us online for a Game!

NOTE: Games are listed 2-hours before the game time 


  1. Our private games are held at  

  2. Become a member or log in

  3. Add funds with the "BB$" button

  4. go back to the original BBO homepage

  5. close the BB$ box and click "HOME"

  6. choose "COMPETITIVE"

  7. select "ACBL VIRTUAL CLUBS", 

  8. look for our games (VACB198291 or VACB266064, or use the search bar for SAGAMORE). 

  9. Add yourself and a partner, or find one at the "Partnership Desk(both partners need to be logged on at the same time to register)

Before you can play, you need to choose what device you will use, then follow these instructions:

To play from a COMPUTER (Recommended), go to and become a member

To play from your TABLET, go to on the web or go to your APP STORE and download "Bridge Base Online" and play on their app

To play from your SMARTPHONE, go to your APP STORE and download "Bridge Base Online"


Note:  SAGAMORE REGULARS, If you are NEW to BBO, when signing up for the first time we suggest you choose a USERNAME that will help your Sagamore friends find you easily and to type your full name in the area called "real name".  Consider using "SAG" as the first 3 letters and your first name and last initial for the remainder (e.g. SAGDianaH, SAGBillyJ). 

If you need more help:

  • Join us for a FREE LIVE Tutorial today.  (click the link on our homepage when ready).  

  • You can text us 516-652-9035 if you have more questions (just don't wait until game time to get yourself loaded and ready, and please, be patient.  We are actively helping 100's of players and will get back to everyone eventually.)


COMING SOON:  We are working to provide more games, limited/newplicate games, fast pairs, etc.  Please keep an eye out on our homepage for future updates.

Be well.  Stay inside.  Wash your hands.  Don't touch your face.  Play bridge online.  We miss you, too!

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