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Teaching Bridge online has never been EASIER!

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Classroom of tables

  • Engaging

  • Easy to use

  • Flexible

  • Customizable

  • Affordable

Teacher's Controls

Imagine a teaching tool that...

  • allows you to create and save hands

  • allows you to generate hands on the fly using query options for each position

  • allows you to create partial hands to demonstrate card combinations and playing techniques

  • allows you to keep teaching notes on the hands your create and save

  • allows you to upload BOTH .LIN and .PBN files

  • allows you to export your hand files so that you can store them, use them with Dealer 4, etc.

  • allows you to communicate with your students LIVE! with both video and voice options

  • integrates with Zoom Meeting or Google Meet so you make a presentation of your lesson before heading to the tables

  • works well with phone conferencing, also

  • takes your students to their table with one click URL, without pre-registration or passwords

  • is excellent for teaching 1 student or up to 100 students at a time.

  • can place your students at any number of different tables to do practice exercises simultaneously

  • allows you to place 1, 2 or even 4 student(s) at a table to engage specific playing and bidding exercises

  • allows you to show or hide any number of hands and to quickly change students' views

  • allows you to control and correct the bidding from a teacher's console

  • allows students to undo to correct recognized mistakes and to try again

  • allows students to replay deals to reapply newly learned skills

  • allows you to replay and demonstrate the bidding sequence or play of the hand from a teacher's console

  • let's you have up to 100 students at a time at 25, 50 or 100 tables 

  • has robot players so you always have full tables playing and participating

  • allows you to place students in kibitzing positions to watch other tables

  • is structured to work well for every level of student, from complete novice, to expert

  • can eliminate the bidding box, so that beginners can start with goal-oriented play to learn mechanics and technique, before learning bidding.

  • allows you to send homework hands to students so they can practice in between classes

  • can be used in face-to-face lessons as a demonstration tool in real classrooms

  • has many more flexible features, and evolving and improving every day

What can SHARK BRIDGE do?

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The ONLY bridge teaching tool you will ever need!

Watch a DEMO
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