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No Bridge?! 

It make us sad too!

Bad Weather Changes

Dark Days, Dark Nights

Due to impending doom, we have to change things up a bit sometimes.  You can assume, like we do, that Mother Nature is not a bridge player or this would never happen. 

Changes and Postponements:

Covid-19 Crisis:

  • All games have been moved online until further notice.

We are always open, except when we are not. 

When we are closed, we sit around and wish we were opened.  It's torture for us too.

No Games on:

  • Any EVENING games, during an active LI Regional event

  • Memorial Day, EVENING game dark

  • July 4th, EVENING game dark

  • Rosh Hashanah, both EVENING games dark

  • Yom Kippur, EVENING game dark

  • Thanksgiving Day, ALL games dark

  • New Year's Eve, EVENING game dark

Festivus for the rest of us!

Holidays we play

Celebrate with us

Let's face it, we love to play, and holidays are no exception, most of the time.  We rarely close, except for Thanksgiving, so join us for a celebratory game on all of these Holidays.

ALWAYS OPEN for a game on: (check the regular schedule for start times)

  • New Year's Day 

  • All Bank Holiday MORNING games, we vote on the evening games as they approach

  • Valentine's Day

  • Easter Sunday

  • Passover

  • Mother's Day

  • Memorial Day MORNING games

  • Father's Day

  • July 4th MORNING games

  • Rosh Hashanah, both MORNNG games

  • Yom Kippur, MORNING game

  • Christmas Eve 

  • Christmas Day

  • New Year's Eve MORNING game

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